Best Mental Health Promoting Event

Best Mental Health Promoting Event

To enter for the BICS Best Best Mental Health promoting Event add your event to the calendar at
this link: and set as ‘mental health promotion’ category.









Sponsored by Please talk

“Talking is sign of strength”

Twitter: @PleaseTalkorg 

For more information and ideas on Events which promote Mental Health and Stigma Reduction e-mail Treasa treasa(at)


  • The initiative must be organised by at least one society in a member college.
  • The initiative must empower students to reduce the stigma around mental health and open the conversation about mental health and well-being. Check out some ideas on our sponsors website and on the #littlethings campaign. 
  • The initiative may be open to the public
  • A short application form must be completed by March 7th 2018 at 2pm and e-mailed to
  • There are no restrictions on the number of initatives per college which are submitted
  • The initiative must take place between March 14th 2017 and March 6th 2018.
  • Colleges who do not submit 3 votes will be ineligible to be short listed.

The winning entry will be chosen as follows:

– Each member college will have 3 votes: 
     The 2 BICS Board Members (one staff and one student) and one networking rep will have a vote each
– No college can vote for its own event
– The 3 initiative with the most votes will be short-listed
–  The Voting will take place between March 12th and March 22nd. The shortlisted applicants will be notified by
    e-mail on March 23rd.
–   Colleges who do not submit 3 votes will be ineligible to be short listed.
–   The 3 shortlisted nominees will be required to complete a more detailed application form which must be               
     submitted by March 28th at 2pm. 
–    The winner will be chosen by a panel of adjuciators, their decision is final.

Application Form Best-mental-Health-Event-Application-Form-17

After your event

  1. Fill in the Application Form by 2pm March 7th  
    And e-mail to
    The background Information (page 2) is to be included in the body of the e-mail.
  2. Answer the questions in the application. Maximum 2 A4 pages of writing, (longer applications will not be accepted).
    Add a copy of your poster/brochure/timetable if applicable plus at least 4 photos from your event and links to any videos and websites.
  3. Save as 1 PDF file.
    From page 3 onward and this will be up loaded onto your calendar event for adjudication.

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