BICS Award Rules

BICS National Society Awards Rules

  1. Check with your college society officer as to your society’s eligibility to enter the BICS awards. If in doubt e-mail chairperson(at)
  1. Your college must be a member of BICS. You must be nominated by your college and there can be only one nomination in each category from each member college.
  1. You must meet all the award nomination criteria and all deadlines, see nominee information booklet.
  1. It is very important if you are representing more than one category that you inform BICS at the time of submitting your nomination, so that we can ensure that your interview times do not clash.
  1. If your category has an interview, you must attend the interview.
  1. A maximum of four people permitted to attend each interview.
  1. Nominees in the best Individual and Best Fresher category may attend alone or may bring someone to the interview with them.
  1. You must fill in your brief description for the awards booklet by the date and time specified.
  1. Each nominee must provide just one portfolio, which includes all back up material. If you are nominated in more than one category you must have one portfolio for each category.
  1. To be eligible to enter Best Society (in a Cultural or Social Field), Best Society (in a charity or Civic Field) and Most Improved Society categories your society must have been set up for minimum two years from March 12th. (ie for the 2017 awards set up by March 12th 2015)
  1. A society may not be nominated for more than one of the following awards: Best Society (in a Cultural or Social Field), Best Society (in a charity or Civic Field), Most Improved Society or Best New Society.
  1. To be eligible a new society must be in its first two academic years from March 12th (ie for the 2017 awards set up after March 12th 2015) The exception is if you were nominated for ‘Best new Society’ at BICS last year and attended BICS, in this instance you may not enter for Best New Society again but may enter for Best Society (in a Cultural or Social Field), Best Society (in a charity or Civic Field).
  1. Events that take place earlier than March 12th of the previous year (ie for the 2017 after March 12th 2016) and after the deadline for submitting the current awards may not enter.
  1. A Best Fresher is deemed to be a society member who is in their first year in a third level institution – it is up to each college to nominate an individual who adheres to this criterion.
  2. Best Mental health Promoting Event and Best Intervarsity have a separate application process and may have more than one entry per member college.
  1. A group whose main activity is recognised by Student Sports Ireland as a sports club and/or is an Olympic Sport may not enter for an award at BICS.

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