BICS Intervarsity Award

Voting is now open until March 26th

To enter for the BICS Best Intervarsity event add your event to the calendar at this link: and choose ‘intervarsity category ’
Note the following rules:
  1. The event must be organised by at least one society in a member college.
  2. In addition to the host college at least 2 other colleges must have participated
    (they do not all have to be members of BICS)
  3. The event must be open to all colleges on the island of Ireland (not all colleges must attend but there must be no restrictions imposed by the host college)
  4. The event may be open to non-students but in an audience capacity only.
  5. There must be a competitive element (this may form only part of the event)
  6. The event must be uploaded to the BICS Calendar by March 12th at 2pm
  7. A short application form must be completed by March 16th 2018 at 10am and e-mailed to
  8. The event must take place between March 14th 2017 and March 15th 2018.
  9. Colleges who do not submit 3 votes will be ineligible to be short listed.

Note: your BICS Student Networking Rep can help you with your application.



After your event

  1. Fill in the Application Form by 10am March 16th  
    And e-mail to
    The background Information (page 2) is to be included in the body of the e-mail.
  2. Answer the questions in the application. Maximum 2 A4 pages of writing, (longer applications will not be accepted).
    Add a copy of your poster/brochure/timetable if applicable plus at least 4 photos from your event and links to any videos and websites.
  3. Save as 1 PDF file.
    From page 3 onward and this will be up loaded onto your calendar event for adjudication.

The winning entry will be chosen as follows:

– Each member college will have 3 votes: The 2 BICS Board Members (one staff and one student) and one 
    networking rep will have a vote each. 

– No college can vote for its own event
– There are no restrictions on the number of events per college which are submitted
– The 3 events with the most votes will be short-listed.
– The Voting will take place between March 17th and March 26th.
–  The shortlisted events will be notified by e-mail on March 27th.
–   Colleges who do not submit 3 votes will be ineligible to be short listed.
–   The 3 shortlisted nominees will be required to complete a more detailed application form which must be               
     submitted by April 3rd at 2pm. 
–    The winner will be chosen by a panel of adjudciators, their decision is final.

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