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Throughout the coming year watch out for features profiling the winning societies at this years BICS. This month we look at best events and give you a synopsis of their event compiled from their application.

The Galway Cycle, Maynooth University, Students for Charity.


Brief summary of the event.
The Galway Cycle was held on March 27-29th 2015 in aid of The Assistance Dog Programme with the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. Over 300 participants completed the 400km return journey from Maynooth University SU to Eyre Square, Galway. Our running fundraising total stands at €115,000. We had a big event in Eyre Square with the Mayor of galway and finished the day with dinner for the cyclists and an after party.

Who was involved?
350 Society members
300 cyclists cycled 400km
Charity: Assistance Dog Programme with the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.
Collectors: fundraise in town along the route to Galway, 100 collectors from the charity
Support Crew: convoy of vehicles including mechanics, motorcycle outriders, ambulance crew, food vans and baggage vans.
At the weekend in Galway, all members of the society fundraise on the streets with busking, singing, parading and face-painting.
Cyclists family and Friends met in Eyre Square with 100 fundraisers from the charity.

Lead up to the Event
We organised many campus and community events in the lead up to the weekend  Bake sales, quizzes, tag rugby competition, soccer tournaments, church gate collections, bagpacks, band nights, sandwich making competition, Dine in the Dark event
The charity was chosen following an AGM on October 2014 following a presentation from five different charities. A vote was held on the night

Contribution to campus life?
Bike rental scheme allowed for the use of a bike to cycle to and from campus all year.
Getting to know more people and make new friends.
Student engagement in fundraising and information events.
Improved awareness of both visual impairment and autism  and awareness of the programmes The Irish Guide Dogs.
Positive mental health campaign as we brought puppies-in-training and dogs on campus for The Launch of the cycle registration and as part of a
De-Stress Day in January for students in the midst of exams.

Is it a Is this a new event?
The Galway Cycle was started 28 years ago when nine clerical students decided to cycle to Galway for charity.
This year is different from other Galway Cycle events for the following reasons:
1) Higher number of student cyclists/collectors and alumni compared to previous years
2) Welcoming Event in Galway city upon arrival to strengthen ties with the Galway community and our sponsors
3) More radio and newspaper advertising
4) Enhanced integration into the Students Union Clubs and Socs community
5) More publicity and events on campus for society members and general student population
6) Student Bike Rental Scheme established and completely subscribed
7) More funds raised.
8) We won Best Society Event at the Clubs and Socs Awards for the first time

maynooyh 2How did you fare financially?
We raised €115,000 for the charity.
9.3% of our income came
from our registration process.  1% of our income came from University Grant – this was used to cover the cost of running events. 89.7% of our income came from via corporate donations, participant donations, fundraising events and collections. Sponsors get their logo printed on the jersey.  All sponsors also receive a Galway Cycle hoody and jersey and also feature on our website and are mentioned on our social media outlets.

Describe Your Publicity?
1) Five radio interviews on Kfm, Castlebar Radio, Galway Bay FM This was an innovative way of engaging the public around Maynooth and also in Galway. It also allowed further advertisement for our sponsors.
2) Interview on MARS FM and integration of MARS FM on the weekend with constant radio broadcasting This was an innovative way of encouraging more student participation and allowing media students to gain experience of broadcasting and interviews.
3) Press coverage including including The Liffey Champion and Leinster Leader.
4) Article in the online newspaper “TheJournal”
5) Organised “Puppy Training Day” in local national school in conjunction with Irish Guide Dogs 6) Extensive Facebook Campaign to generate +1000 more followers (total: 1950) and an extensive twitter campaign
7) Integration of Galway businesses by organising a Welcoming Party on Eyre Square and the presence of The Mayor of the City of Galway Cllr. Lyons This was a creative way of improving the profile of The Galway Cycle and the Irish Guide Dogs as they had representative present at the event. It also served as a great means of advertising for our sponsors.
8) Distribution of goodie bags at information evenings 9) Bi-weekly newsletter were distributed online to all subscribers and all students. Figure 19 Example of newspaper article about The Galway Cycle

How Successful was your PR?
The PR campaigns were successful both on an off campus.
We had the highest number of sponsors and corporate partners than ever before.
We had a record number of  student sign ups at Fairs Day.
Larger crowds gathered in Eyre Square and Maynooth to welcome the group compared to previous years Profile of Maynooth University raised on a national level as many participants are not affiliated with the college.
Affiliation with The Galway Visually Impaired Activity Club and inclusion of visually impaired tandem cyclists.
On the weekend Peak views on our Facebook page during the event stood at 13,000.

Carrie the Musical, Cork IT, Musical Society

citcarrie-febBrief summary of the event.
Please provide a brief summary of the event. The culmination of all of the months of organisation and rehearsals for this event resulted in 3 sell-out shows and 3 standing ovations. Up to 60 members were involved in this production. Every person involved gained valuable experience in areas such as: Directing, Performing, Band, Stage Management, Front of House management, Production Management, Backstage, Box Office management, Lighting design and tech, and sound design and tech. Students played a central part in all of these areas while having the opportunity to collaborate with professionals.

Who was involved?
Cast: 20
Musicians: 7
Committee: 7
Creative team: 8
Production Team: 17
Front of house 10
Attendees over 3 nights auditorium: 209 total attendees 618
At present, we have 831 likes on ou rofficial Facebook page,
343 followers on Twitter
122 followers on Instagram
We also performed extracts on campus to the students and helped raise mony for CIT RAG week.

Is it a Is this a new event?
Carrie the Musical was a show that brought a relevant message to the college and the wider public, that of the importance of being kind and the effect that we can have on the lives of others, highlighting themes such as bullying, abuse, and adolescence. The show itself has a history of failure in its original run on Broadway in 1988, so to create a successful production that conveyed the heart of the story with social and artistic relevance was a feat in itself. A big factor that makes this event original is that it was the Irish Premiere of the show, so it was never done before in the country and what we achieved can never be repeated. Creatively, it was a much bolder and riskier feat this year. Similar events that have been held in the college before are, of course, the musicals that our society has produced since 2011. Carrie the Musical was, however, in a league of its own. This year, the organisation of the entire production was streets ahead of previous years. From the very beginning we had our teams in place and the committee was confident that each of the team leaders were capable of leading their respective teams  confidently and cohesively


How did you fare financially?
57% of our income came from college grants, fundraising,and sponsorship. Due to the fact that ticket sales were a major part of our income, we could not be certain of our income until after the show had closed, so every effort was put into fundraising and gaining  sponsorship for this event, and targets and goals were set. Creating ties with local business to gain sponsorship was something which we have been              working on for the last few years, so maintaining these ties and gaining new ones was  important to us. We also wanted cast members to be actively involved in raising money for their show, so an all-day Singathon was organised, where all cast members sang for one day, including a flashmob which took place in the School of Music. Other societies members were also encouraged to take part in fundraising, with three very successful bagpacks that took place across Cork City. There was also a Table Quiz for everyone in the society and their friends and family.

Describe Your Publicity?
1) Posters, landscape and portrait and flyers distributed on campus and throughout the city.
2) Billboards throughout Cork.
3) Social media: Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram
4) Competition and ticket give aways.
5) Newspapers/Radio: Full page feature and articles on the production in the ​Evening Echo, Cork Independent, Front cover advertisement on the CIT campus magazine – ​ExpliCIT Magazine. Press release printed in ​ExpliCIT Magazine ​. Quarter page advertisement in Cork’s cultural compendium ​WhazOn?. Radio interview of Director Joseph C.Walsh by UCC Campus Radio station           UCC98.3fm.
6) Flash Mob performances In the weeks leading up to the production in a variety of locations on and off campus and created a huge buzz about the production.
7) Websites ●  ● CIT Arts Office homepage ● ● People’s Republic of Cork Forum  ● ● ●  ●

How Successful was your PR?

Our sell out show and waiting lists shows how successfukl we were.  We also had waiting lists of                 people looking for tickets for each performance.

Due to our publicity campaign,we reached our target market effectively and this was evident               from the diversity of the audiences that came to the performances. What raised the profile of the event in a massive way for us was that we heard from Linzi Hately (the original Carrie on Broadway in 1988) not only through an e-mail that she sent to our director for us, but also through the phone message that she left for our Carrie, Madeleine. We knew how much power that Carrie the Musical had, but to hear someone else speak of the impact it had on their life was truly inspirational and it made us  all strive even harder to make the event the best it could be.

Due to the overall success of our publicity and production the profile of our society has been raised. We have been approached by the Cork Opera House, who is interested in reviving Carrie in the Opera House. We are currently pursuing reviving Carrie as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival in the Cork Opera House. We also received great acclaim from the general public who came to see our production.

“’Carrie_1Carrie’ is a mesmerising feast from start to finish! This society has grown in stature,  imagination and creativity from when I saw their first offering in the Half Moon  some years ago. Thoughtful and committed performances throughout from a highly  polished cast and musicians and deftly directed by Joseph Walsh. For those of you  fortunate to have secured a ticket over the next two nights you are in for a treat! I  can only hope that I see this production again whether in the CSM or another venue  in the city. Bravo to all involved.” Trevor Ryan – Director of the Cork Monfort  College of Performing Arts.


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