BICS Train Your Trainer Weekend 2017 Follow up

BICS Training Weekend 2017

Follow Up

Attendees who completed the weekend training including their presentation session on the Sunday are eligable to receive BICS Certificates. To get your certificate you must present 3 sessions to your societies. Certificates will be presented in April.

Fill in this form after each session BICS Training Facilitators Training Registration Form

and ask your attendees to fill in the form below at the end of your session. also view at this link: or print out this form feedback-for-attendees-at-society-training and input yourself, (hard copies to be left with your administrator for verification purposes)

You can also send a copy of your powerpoint, (not obligatory) to chairperson(at), your presentation will be added to the shared resources section on the bics website and you will be acknowledged.

NOTE the deadline to complete this is March 20th 2017.

Review the weekend: If you attended the weekend and have not given us feedback do so here

Feedback Forms

For Details on the weekend go here.


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