Craicin’ Up Concert

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Date(s) - 20/04/2017 - 21/04/2017
7:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Whelans , Dublin


Please provide a brief description of the event.
 Include if this was a new event, if not how did it improve on last year. Did you face any challenges, What you were most proud off. How does this event fit in with the aims of your society.
This was a brand new event that we had never run before. The Craicin Up Concert was a collection of speakers , musicians and acts who had all struggled with mental health issues and preformed in front of almost 600 students in a safe environment where they spoke about their issues and preformed live music.  The acts present at the concert were Niall Farrell  from Pop the Cherry, NAME , All Ireland player Kevin Mcmennomen , Caoimhe Barry and the Coronas and Alex Smith.


The aims of the society are to create a safe space for students to speak about mental health and to reduce the negative stigmas associated with it. The concert perfectly coincided with these aims. Firstly tickets were free which meant no one was unable to attend which is very important to us as we want to open ourselves to everyone. . We did accept voluntary donations for SOSAD a local mental health charity that was in danger of closing down and raised over 2000 euro.


We faced several challenged setting up the event. Firstly we were on a very limited budget and while we very kindly received a 300 euro sponsorship from BOI this was all we had to pull off the show. Getting a venue , five acts and covering the various costs that come with that was a supreme challenge however we managed t manage our financials and pull off the entire event for less than 300 euro.  Initially it was also difficult to encourage students of the idea as the word mental health sadly can scare people away. People suggested we change the focus of the gig to music instead of share stories however we felt very strongly that having influential people share their experiences would be more helpful .


1. Describe how your event promoted positive mental health on your campus and any positive outcomes.
Our event was promoted throughout college in association with our mental health hub which is a weekly peer support service we run. The campus wide promotion made more people aware of the society as we had only started that year and created a space to talk about mental health in a casual welcoming environment.


There were several positive outcomes from the concert. Firstly we raised over 2000 euro for a local mental health service. We also had almost 600 students attend , we could have had more but were limited by the venue. This tripled our membership from the beginning of the year. As a result of the concert several students came to our pee support service the hub as they felt they were introduced to the society in a non judgmental setting and were made aware of many positive sides of mental health. Also student were able to hear successful people speak about their experiences and learn ho to pull themselves out of despair and onto a path.


2. How many were involved in the event
Include number on the organising committee, how many students attended, if applicable how many members of the public attended.

The event was organised mainly by myself as I was the events officer however the committee of 12 at the time (we have this year grown to 15) all were intrinsic to the overwhelming success of the night. Our main audience was students from DCU , St Pats and Mater Dai however we did have several members of the public attend also such as students from other colleges such as Trinity,  UCD , NCAD and more. There was 0ver 600 guests at the event with around 500 of these being students .


3 How did you fare financially?
What grant did you receive, how successful was your sponsorship/ fundraising. What was your overall income and expenditure?
We did not receive grant money from the college for the event as we were in our first year but instead created a presentation for bank of Ireland and secured 300 euro sponsorship from them. We spent less than 300 , We created presentations for each encouraging them to volunteer their time meaning we only had t pay expenses for each and a small price for the venue who after a similar presentation gave us a massively reduced rate.



4 Please give details of the methods used to promote the event?
How successful were you at your PR and getting people. Tips: It is important to detail variety of publicity methods used as well as the creativity and innovation of the publicity utilised.
As we were a brand new society promoting ourselves was difficult however we employed several forms to ensure we got our word out. Firstly we created posters and placed them strategically around the college. We had the concert announced on DCU FM the student radio network and managed to get 98fm to retweet our information about the concert. We also created a Facebook campaign which was highly interactive and had over 51,000 views from students of all colleges. Finally we had the college welfare team and individuals faculty student representatives to send an email to all students informing them of the event and encouraging them to go.



5 What would it mean to the society to win this award and why do you feel the society merits the award?
Joining the mental health society in DCU is akin joining a family. We have had so many students come to us telling us that they finally find a place they belong here. The committee are the kindest most enthusiastic people I have ever had the privilege to  meet. We have all poured our blood sweat and tears into this society which has grown exponentially this year from a new society to staple in DCU. We have had countless students come to us and tell us how much we have helped them. However, this has not been without issues. We have faced serious issues trying to maintain the society from those who do not understand the struggle of mental health issues and yet the committee remains positive and welcomes and embraces all who come near us. This year we have maintained one if not two events every week an two weekly support sessions for students.


We have worked tiressly to make DCU an accepting welcoming space for students and it would be an honour to be recognised for this. We don’t do anything small , our first event was a large concert our second was providing serious peer support training for students among college and so much more. For us to win this award it helps show our members that mental health does not need to always be associated negatively but can be something positive , It would be giving a win to those who feel like we never get one. We would love this award to recognise how much of our life we have dedicated but at the end of the day we know we have genuinely helped people both through the concert and through our everyday existence and that’s the best award we could ever hope for.

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